December 28, 2023
• Edited (Dec 28, 2023)

Member bonuses are things like Free Exclusive Stickers or Exclusive Photocards, or exclusive downloads sent out to every member of a Fan Hub usually every 2-3 months. Once the bonus is announced in here, you must be a active member at the end of that month. So, for example, in December James is doing his first sticker. Every paying member who is a member on December 31st will be part of the mailing list to send the stickers out to :)

Member bonuses will usually be shipped within 1-2 weeks of the following month (the deadline for new members to qualify is the end of the month). Make sure you have entered your mailing address, so that when you win we can just mail it right out to you! Shipping times is usually within 1-2 weeks of drawing the winners, technically we ask for 30-60 days in case a delay happens (like supplies come in late), but usually we mail within 2 weeks, and you will get a tracking notification emailed to you :)

My name is David Blair, me and my wife Olivia started Fanward about 5 years ago, we have a small team of 6, and I introduce myself here so that if you need us for anything please reach out. We are here for you.

We always want you members to be in the loop at all times :) 
If you have any questions email me, David Blair at or Olivia