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July 12

This picture was back in 2021 when I learned that Jason Faunt was going to be in Southern California (particularly Irvine) and helping promote Legend of the White Dragon as well as the Power Protection Program (PPP).  While it was my first time meeting him, I was glad there were others who were waiting as well so I got to meet a few other Ranger and Resident Evil enthusiasts.  At the time in 2021, he had a particular poster that they made which he was selling and while I did pay for the VIP package (a few signed items and a picture with him), I decided to go for the new print (which I still have).  What was great is that on Instagram, he did tag JDF letting him know that I was the first customer who purchased one of the new posters.

We spoke at length about the franchise and the LOTWD project and there was a quote that I used that I knew actor Mark Dacascos knew since he was part Japanese himself.  Mr. Faunt asked me if I met him yet, but I humbly told him "Not yet, but I would love to sometime". [This was taken back in December of 2021]

July 03

I must be crazy, I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what to talk to, I don't know where to get advice. I'm trying to write a Power Rangers story. It would be really nice if I could someday turn it into a fan film on YouTube. Of course I will probably never happen, I don't think I can find the budget. I'm kind of at a standstill. I can't think What to write next. I actually really want to talk to Austin St John and Walter Jones. I wonder what advice they would give me. I kind of even want Jeremy Sumpter’s advice and comments.


Evert one download sketchbook to make cute pictures like this

July 11

Got to meet Austin St John last year one of the highlights of my life

July 02
• Edited (Jul 02, 2024)

Received our signed Gold Ranger card the other day. My son Grayson was so excited to add this to his collection to go along with his Red Ranger card has. Thank you Austin and thank you Fanward for making my son's day!

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Here's the gold ranger power staff from Austin St John and fanward that I just got in the mail today 😊 God bless you guys and your whole family always ❤️ 

July 02

I think that the stuntmen and stuntwomen as well as suit actors of Power Rangers don't get as much respect and recognition in my opinion when it comes to doing the suits.  Despite the fact that most of them are from Japan and some of the actors and actresses know a few of them, I'm just saying that they're also a part of the community that I would say needs to be covered. Thankfully, Erik Betts was one of the people who I not only met at PMC but also at another convention called Comic Con Revolution.  He was one of the few that also told me the story about how JDF taught Thuy (RIP to them both) the fundamentals on making a kata, working on her stance, and the like behind the scenes and the one handling his booth was also recording our chat as we went from Power Rangers to other IPs he was in doing stunts (Avatar, Fate of the Furious [FF8]).  I should have asked about Batman Begins but that's for another time. [For those who don't know, he was Pudgy the Pig and also had a brief cameo with Bridget 'Babydoll' Riley in the episode Food Fight (Bridget was the suit actor for the Yellow Ranger in the 95 MMPR film)].

June 23

Can't forget about Jack Guzman!

July 03

Finally got this in!

Thank you to Austin St John and David and Olivia for my post card just gotten my signed gold black ranger card in mail today than you guys so much for this had to share it is so wonderful!!!