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June 19

That time Jason came to the set I was working on after the con shut for a few photos with it and me

June 18

It’s Morphin Time!!

Saludos a todos desde Perú 🇵🇪 tube la dicha de poder conocer a Walter en un evento en Lima-Perú y que excelente calidad de persona, muy alegre y bailarin muy humilde y sobre todo carismático, es el primero Ranger que puedo conocer en persona, espero algún día austin st john pueda visitarnos y poder conocerlo y compartir , y tal vez algún otro Ranger más ya que los Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fueron los que me acompañaron durante mi infancia y son los mejores


I have a question; does anyone know if there will be any sequel game to PRBG?
A new fighting game would be cool in the next generation console.


Can't wait to add super Sentai dragon ranger in August. Will be Soo cool to get his signature added to it

My collection has grown tremendously.


Just got this yesterday what a surprise!!!!


3/6 of the original Might Morphin Powe Rangers Complete. Trying to finish them all before I go to BKCC in early June 👍

The dog who has never EVER so much as even looked at the mail decided today would be the day he tried out his power jaw! Beyond gutted 😢