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Chris Mccormick

Wilmington, OH, United States

Commented on My new edition!!

Sep 20 at 03:03 PM

To add to the Cincinnati comic expo Paul Freeman will also be attending Mr ivan ooze himself!!!!!!


Sep 18 at 04:45 PM

Getting ready for Cincinnati comic expo this weekend!!! JYB and karen Ashley will be their can't wait black and yellow rangers!!! 

Sep 12 at 12:18 PM

Roflmao best story ever!! Austin!! Lmao



Aug 16 at 03:33 PM

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Aug 16th 2022 I lost my mom to cancer, that day was the hardest day I had ever faced in my life, the only thing that helped me threw was my family and my rangers! I had tickets to a con in Columbus Ohio where Jason David Frank was going to be in Dec 2022! I looked forward to that day so much I didn't know talking to him was going to make me feel better about losing my mom but I did know it would make me happy finally meeting one of my childhood heros and having those memories as a child with my mom cause she was all I had besides mmpr! But then I get the news about Jdf and I was destroyed so hurt and heartbroken I didn't even want to go to the con anymore, but Karen Ashley stepped up last minute and was there and I just wanted to say thank you to Karen and all the rangers and to fanward and thanks for keeping my memories alive.

I got the chance to speak with Austin and it has been the highlight of my year thank you David and Olivia and Austin!


Replied on Omg!!

Jul 24 at 08:20 AM

Yes so freaking awesome can't wait until next time. Thanks to the fanward team for making it happen you guys rock!



Jul 22 at 12:25 PM

Thank you Austin thank you fanward it was so freaking awesome to get a chance to talk to Austin St John's today!!!!!!!


Jul 20 at 03:05 AM

I have the POWER!!!!! 1985 Mattel masters of the universe evil horde slim pit (say that 3 times fast) it's missing the top skull but found it for only 5$ please share any pics of old 80's toy if u have any!!!! 

Jul 09 at 05:12 AM

Lol it seemed like the appropriate song for the moment lol


Commented on Throw back Thursday

Jul 09 at 05:11 AM

They also had a short lived cartoon and comic book series.