Cody Redd - Fanward Admin

Bangkok, Thailand

Woah! Really!?That's sooooo cool! Great job dude, you're the best!

Seeker Wolfgang Wendt Maybe that! 😉

Happy New Year!Any interesting topics you would like to hit James with send to! He will see them when he's in studio!

Woot! So glad to have you here to see them!

It's so great, there are already a few in the playlists! Make sure to check them out!

One of the great things about Fanward is you end up becoming a fan of things you've never been into before! I had never seen Jeremy's Peter Pan until Fanward, and now I love it!

Awesome comment! Happy to have you here! Stay tuned for much, much more!

Heck yeah! Let's Goooooo!

Happy to have you here! Surprised that this is one of the first things you clicked. Hahaha


A great question to ask James personally. Shoot him an email over at and he will see it, and may even respond to it in a video! :)