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January 06
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Austin and Walter. I have been under your positive influence since I was around 3. Thank you. Since as an adult, I have done my hardest to be a good human being and spread as much positive and kindness into the world.

I have been collecting a lot of papers rangers stuff but nothing beats the originals. May the power protect you both. Keep up the good fight.

January 17
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Thank you Fanward Team , Austin , and Walter for the Autographed giveaway hat ! Looks great on my display !

Wolfies! YOUR January 2024 Teen Wolf with Holland Roden Winner's Announcement!

Congratulations to the winners Isabelle Manning , Martyn Cole, Julia lussier, Daniel Demnar, Daniel Conceicao, and Paige

We can't wait to see these arrive and see the smiles on your faces. 😍

My name is Olivia Blair. My husband David and I started Fanward about five years ago. We have a small team of 6, and I introduce myself here so that if you need us for anything, please reach out. We are here for you.

We always want you members to be in the loop at all times :) 
If you have any questions, email me, Olivia Blair. We always want you members to be in the loop at all times :) 

If you have any questions, email me, or David Blair at 

February 03

Saber-Toothed Tiger

February 06

I got this off of Amazon. It came today. It is really cool.

February 14

It's Morphin Time

February 10

I met Johnny Yong Bosch today at the Springfield Expo Center here in Springfield Missouri today. It was amazing. Best $60 I spent. The picture with him he letter me do that free.

February 16
• Edited (Feb 16, 2024)

Here is one of my favorite items that I have signed

February 15

Here are my 2 Power Rangers Lightning Collection toys

February 15

Hey all! New to Fanward and very excited to meet other Power Rangers fans! Definitely reliving and reviving my childhood. 🖤 ♥️ 🩷 💛 💙 💚