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June 17
• Edited (Jun 17, 2023)

OK...I know that certain people have seen him at some point or another (in certain films or TV Shows) first time meeting him was on National Power Rangers Day (8-28) at PMC in August.  No one came across his table [arguably], walked passed for sure or just didn't notice, but I did.  Mr. Erik Betts and I, when I first met him (we spoke for about 20-25 minutes). I recognized him from a show most people don't know (WMAC Masters), but we had a LONG discussion at length about bts stuff, how things went on set, and how he did certain characters to choreographing fights. I'd have to do a damn video essay just to cover this man.  He was Pudgy the Pig, a Putty Patroller, a ninja (on the episode of Gung Ho), and the suit stand in for Red and Green Ranger respectively.  Fast forward a year later and I ran into him again at Comic Con Revolution.  He gave me a big hug before I explained to him about a book that described at length his time on WMAC Masters which was known previously as Quest for the Dragon Star. (While this show is underrated, most of the cast were helping on MMPR). Mr. Betts was surprised I was holding a PHYSICAL COPY. [Kudos to the author Mr. Landis].  (I don't call myself a geek detective/retro archaeologist for nothing).  We discussed a bit more of production history of MMPR and one in particular (THE ORIGIN OF THE PUTTY PATROLLER SOUND EFFECT). I already told Karan Ashley (Aisha) about it (and for those who don't know, her interview with Austin was the 1st episode of her video podcast not too long ago).  I actually asked Mr. Betts regarding Gung Ho...did they (Austin and JDF) know it was him when they fought?  He told me yes, they did.