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Apr 15 at 08:44 PM

So...I know that I mentioned about meeting the prop master Mark Richardson recently and I felt like sharing one of the items that I bought at his booth last year.  Some scripts from other episodes.  There was one that I found that had a signature on it and I was pleasantly surprised at who it was. (I couldn't pass it up).

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Apr 15 at 08:54 AM

Good memories.  I only went with a few of those back in the day.  Blue and Green.



Mar 13 at 06:01 PM

Not sure how many have heard of him, but I met the prop master himself [Mark Richardson] last year at a convention (Japan World Heroes) and got to interview him.  Also bought one of the power coin molds he made after the interview and took some pictures.  Anyone want to guess as to what is on it?

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Mar 13 at 05:53 PM

How long did it take to make?

I have followed his channel and find his take actually pretty good
I am looking forward to the reaction video Mr. St. John. I always find it interesting to hear what went on prior to shooting the episode or scene because there's always something going on (not just from your guys' perspective but also those who are involved in making it happen).
I understand that you were asked to voice a villain for the Power Ranger crossover episode Forever Red (Gerrock). I've already heard Austin St. John's side of the story, as well as a few others (including Catherine Sutherland who was also asked to do one). Besides the fun geek fact that the robot suits used were from another compilation project that Haim Saban did (the show was called Big Bad Beetleborgs), I have been curious how were you asked to be brought in to do voice over on that one episode?

Jul 23 at 07:01 PM

So regarding the minions of the Rangerverse, I will just briefly bring this up. The putties were only on Might Morphin, while the minions for Zeo (the one that JDF was a Red Ranger) were known as Cogs. I don't put it past Mr. St. John to know particular aspects after he left the show. It's not his fault. Honestly, I'm glad that he was able to come back for Wild Force and then later learn years after that he comes in again during the Beast Morphers team up (which I thought was pretty good).

Jul 05 at 10:49 PM

I totally didn't know about that Power Ranger wall in Narita, despite the fact that I went to Japan in 2019. However, me and my family were only there for 2 days which unfortunately wasn't enough to check out certain places. I did get to temporarily visit Akihabara (I know that some of the places are hard to pronounce, but it is actually Otaku [Japanese for geek] heaven) and I practically had sensory overload just trying to take as much as I could and I knew that time was always against me. One fun highlight that I had was visiting the Shibuya district, which is practically almost one could consider double the size of NYC Central Square and I got to cross the famous Shibuya crosswalk but not before taking a quick picture at the famous Hachiko statue train stop. So many stories that I could try and share.