Joshua Allemand

Houma, LA, United States

Jan 17 at 06:59 PM


Thank yall! Looks great on the display

Sep 12 at 08:21 PM

Netflix , Roku , Youtube and my old vhs tapes.......are what we watch it on.

Aug 19 at 01:53 PM

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Jul 29 at 07:28 PM

Happy birthday! Those flip heads are what started it off for me as a child ! Now my kids enjoy them! They have my originals and I have the boxed remakes.

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Jul 29 at 07:27 PM

I would love a copy of that! It looks amazing!

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Jul 16 at 08:16 PM

Check out the 30th anniv redo of #1 i think it releases next month

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Jun 28 at 07:15 PM

What she was charging so im prepared

Jun 25 at 08:04 PM

Congrats !

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Jun 25 at 08:04 PM

Looking forward to meeting her in aug.

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Jun 21 at 08:00 PM

Happy birthday dude ! Hope it was a good one!