Joshua Allemand

Houma, LA, United States

Commented on PR Comics

Jul 16 at 08:16 PM

Check out the 30th anniv redo of #1 i think it releases next month


Jul 10 at 06:36 PM

Pretty excited to get a killer deal on this !


Jul 08 at 06:49 PM

1 / 2
2 / 2

Was late to the ollies game but scored the last 2 zords. They had a good bit of ranger comics !

Dirt cheap by my house is full of pudgy pig for $15

Replied on Carla Perez

Jun 28 at 07:15 PM

What she was charging so im prepared

Jun 25 at 08:04 PM

Congrats !

Commented on Carla Perez

Jun 25 at 08:04 PM

Looking forward to meeting her in aug.

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Jun 21 at 08:00 PM

Happy birthday dude ! Hope it was a good one!

Jun 20 at 05:54 PM

My 5 year olds been kicking butt at this game .

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Jun 18 at 07:18 PM

Been checking my mailbox daily ! Cool collection you have


Jun 18 at 07:45 AM

Happy fathers day! Kids got me hooked up with Lord Zedd to complete my lightning helmet collection!