Eliana Sexton


May 16 at 12:00 PM

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Had to share this find my coworker bought for me! She was at a flea market in Chicago and found several Wendy's kids meals toys from our favorite, 2003 Peter Pan. I cannot believe we found these!! We've both loved this movie since first seeing it in 03. We love you Jeremy!


May 02 at 04:25 PM

Low-key cannot believe Peter pan is turning 20... Your friendship is so cute!! Loved watching
Lmao not the JG Wentworth tune- I've thought of that everytime I watch this scene. I love that you still hold this movie close. I'll never forget opening up the VHS tape on Christmas as a kid

Apr 30 at 03:32 PM

The mood music really makes the story lmao I loved hearing more about this movie considering I always wondered why you took the role!