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Jacob Rearrick


Nov 23 at 07:14 AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone


Nov 17 at 08:40 PM

These are some my own Dino Fury Megazords combinations I came up with today.


Nov 02 at 12:59 PM

I was wondering if you and Austin St. John got my letter. Just making sure it got sended to you. Thank you for everything Blair, Austin St. John, Walter Jones are having a great week at Fanward. May the power protect you.

Oct 16 at 08:15 AM

Yeah. I love it. I play it a lot. I still want to get the other characters unlock. It'll be cool if they add at least a couple of Cosmic Fury Rangers as in Red Ranger, Zenith Ranger, and Orange Ranger.



Oct 14 at 03:17 PM

Got this game today at Game stop. I do have it already on my ps4 but I've been wanting to get the disc version just to have it and for fun.

Sep 29 at 05:07 AM

That would be cool, like maybe combine the Time Force Megazord with the S.P.D. Zords etc.



Sep 27 at 02:27 PM

I got my stickers today. Thank you Austin and Walter. These are cool.

Sep 23 at 05:14 AM

Thank you



Sep 21 at 01:15 PM

New Megazord combination I came up with


Aug 21 at 01:01 PM

My new Dino Fury Gold Ranger's Mosa Razor Megazord that I got yesterday.