Michael Jones

Cottontown, TN, United States

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Dec 31 at 12:39 PM

Thanks David!


Jul 03 at 03:26 PM

It was all bent up though. I hate the postal service..


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Jul 03 at 01:59 PM

Never got mine. :(

Jul 03 at 01:55 PM

No info on mine yet.

Jun 16 at 10:05 AM

Mine is also the same. I was wondering, I haven't received my first package, will it be combined with the signed poster?


Jun 03 at 01:56 AM

Congratulations man.

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Jun 01 at 02:44 AM

Man I wish I got a Polaroid.
My friend was a fire fighter. He went on a call with his partner and tried to save a woman who's boyfriend was going to kill her. My friend and his partner stopped the man long enough for the woman to escape. My friend Troy and his partner lost their lives. The man was on drugs. It felt so unreal. That was the the type of person Troy was. He gave up his life without second thought. He knew he was going to die and still have up his life for a stranger.