Thommy (Tommy) Walters

Nashville, TN, United States

Oct 11 at 06:18 PM

Oh man, Heroes of the Grid is amazing too.

I'll have to do a follow up post showing what the game looks like cause the minis for the game are amazing.

Oct 08 at 05:28 PM

You can get the core game and the Legendary Tommy expansion, there's a solo mode for the game using Tommy and the rules are a free download from the Renegade site.


Oct 07 at 11:22 AM

With 2 more expansions revealed today for the Heroes of the Grid game, I really need to play it more often.

I still haven't learned how to play the Deck Building Game yet either.


Sep 30 at 11:03 PM

Over in the Facebook group there's a thread about showing off your Morphers so I figured I'd also post mine here as well.

Click the image to see the full image.

Replied on It's arrived!

Sep 29 at 03:57 PM

Cody Redd - Fanward Admin thanks man, I need to reorganize the Tommy shelf so it fits better.


Sep 28 at 05:44 PM

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2 / 2

Master Morpher is finally here and it's an absolute beauty.


Aug 30 at 05:16 AM

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Added another Zenkaiger Zord to my collection yesterday.


Aug 23 at 02:30 PM

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Got the ZAP Megazord and regular Hasbro Megazord from Amazon and the Rangers shirts came from Hot Topic.

Aug 19 at 04:42 PM

Yeah he was in the previous season, Dino Fury, as well.


Aug 17 at 08:36 AM

The Cosmic Fury poster has been reveaked, as well as the release date of September 29th and the show will feature some familiar faces.