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Pierre Sales

Eastvale, CA, United States

Commented on Green With Evil

Jul 26 at 06:02 PM

Used to have ep. 4 on VHS.  I wish I had still kept it back then

Commented on 🔥🔥😀

Jun 25 at 12:49 PM



Well..let's be clear, had it not been for ZyuRanger, we wouldn't have MMPR.  So definitely credit where credit is due.  However...if I had to choose one that I really liked...arguably Gokaiger first but as for what really got me into's actually another dino team: Abaranger. (Because that introduced me to the awesome Masaaki Endoh [who is a part of JAM Project]).  With that being said...super happy that I got a chance to meet GokaiRed on National Power Rangers Day last August.