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Claudia Malvina Serraiotto

Commented on Members birthdays?

Aug 16 at 05:35 PM

Mmmmm🤔😃 Great idea, my birthday is coming soon😁

Commented on A hard day!

Aug 16 at 05:32 PM

💖Sending hugs Chris



Aug 15 at 08:50 PM

I just got my pictures yesterday, yaayyy😊, I will treasure this picture, and I will give the 2 morphicon posters to a friend, he's a huge Power ranger fan too.  I was surprised it arrived soon enough, usually for mail that comes from overseas it takes at least 4 months.

And I received it in a perfect condition, they didn't bend the envelope😅.

Thank you😊


Jul 05 at 08:09 PM

I really want to thank you all for the amazing gift😊, the autographed pictures, I haven't received it yet but that's because in my country the mail is really slow when mail comes from overseas, so I will have to wait about 5 months now, but everyone is saying thank you and of course I want to say thank you too😊. I never thought one day I would have this, my childhood heroes pictures with an autograph on it, I don't live in the US anyway so I have never gone to events like comic cons, etc, not everyone have that chance, so I will treasure this😊💖💖💖

Replied on Just in

Jun 29 at 08:25 PM

Thank you😁

Commented on Just in

Jun 29 at 08:22 PM

At least you're getting it soon🙂, I will have to wait like between 5 to six months🙄, that's the time it takes for mail here when mail comes from the US
Awesome😊, I wish someday I will have the costume😁

Commented on post was deleted

Jun 19 at 09:23 PM

🤩Wow, I love it💖

Jun 19 at 09:19 PM



Jun 10 at 08:00 AM

My cousin came to visit this weekend and brought me the pink ranger helmet😊, yaaaayyyy😀, when I was little I was "Kimberly" the pink ranger😊.