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Brandi Parris


Nov 19 at 04:29 PM

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What an amazing day!!


Nov 04 at 06:23 PM

Can’t wait for it to heal :)

Commented on 30 Year Anniversary!

Oct 18 at 04:17 PM

They look so good!!


Replied on Fanward Sticker

Sep 27 at 04:56 PM

They are so nice!! I love them 😆



Sep 27 at 03:48 PM

I got mine in the mail today and I’m obsessed!

It’s so neat to hear about all the behind the scenes stuff!

Replied on Oklahoma Comic Con

Sep 26 at 04:40 PM

Samuel Ambriz so nice of him! Austin was at the same comic con and I was able to meet him as well! They are the only two I’ve met so far. Hopefully the next time he comes near you, you are able to go see him 🤞🏼


Replied on Oklahoma Comic Con

Sep 26 at 04:26 PM

He’s the nicest guy! Have you been able to meet any rangers?


Sep 26 at 04:11 PM

I’m pumped about it! I’ll definitely post some pictures of them when they are healed. I’m getting them in late October! Awesome, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your post!


Sep 26 at 03:26 PM

Those are so nice!! I can’t wait to get mine