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Nov 27 at 08:46 PM

Hey everyone I bet y’all are wondering why I don’t post much power ranger posts on Facebook or Fanward its just what society has done to me. It all started back in 90’s when I had a couple of neighborhood friends that were a blast to hangout and was living happily but as a child I never knew I had autism and intellectual disability and had problems with stealing and lying as a kid and got sent to the principal’s office once I even was held back in kindergarten twice. So from 1995 to 1998 life was great but in 1999 there was a parent teacher conflict at westridge that my parents decided to send me my two brothers and one sister to a new school which was Wasatch Elementary. So as I graduated from second grade from westridge in 99 I was headed to Wasatch for my third grade year in 99 and in that year I got diagnosed with depression because I never got to say goodbye to my neighborhood friends but only one did and we went to the same school as I did and as we started at Wasatch my neighborhood friend fit right in but as for me it was total opposite. During class hours I’d get extremely upset making students around me nervous I even had to go to tutoring classes just because how bad my intelligence was eventually in time I made new friends thus adding more friends to my list so from 1999 to to the beginning of 2003 life was awesome. But then when middle school started all of my childhood friends either moved away or went to different middle schools thus my happiness faded away thus being diagnosed with severe depression so through out my days at Farrer middle school I was quite and alone and then that’s when I was a target for bullies and much more terrible things started to happen to me as well. During my days in Farrer middle school I was put in a class with just disabled students or as called special Ed class we had teachers subbing for the original teacher who was healing from back surgery and the subbed teachers were really kind and helpful but when the original was healed from her surgery my life went down a extremely steep hill. When our original teacher came to class she had us start all over in mathematics and other subjects in class which made me lose all of my memory of how to do certain subjects and that’s not all we had a student who had autism just like me but was non verbal and had a brain of a newborn and was the biggest student in our class. When we had to start over in class I would watch what was going on in class and take care of the student who had autism and that’s when it all began the student named Dallas was doing things that normal newborns do and would try my best to teach him not to do that but the teacher would intervene and beat him thus I could see tears in his eyes cause he didn’t understand like a newborn would. As this was going on for a long time in class I went to the principal’s office twice and told him of her actions unbelievably nothing was done to get her fired and arrested for student brutality so I hid her keys so that she wouldn’t keep abusing him. Eventually a student ratted me out and I got sent to detention and for the rest of my school years the school district sent me to a class of extremely troubled students who bullied me so severely I was diagnosed with anxiety and struggled badly in middle school with no friends to hang out with at middle school nor had a girlfriend. As for neighborhood friend he went to the same middle school as I did and was extremely popular and awarded student of the year at Farrer Middle School as for me no one cared about me in middle school instead was thrown into the sewers. Then there’s high school or as I call it the pit of fire and brimstone with no friends to hang out with but targeted by worser bullies from freshman to sophomore I was jumped and beaten severely and was sexual assaulted by a student who was out of the closet when the teacher wasn’t around thus yet again get diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety and that’s not all. During my sophomore year I was heading to lunch at costa vida and as at the light crossing to bk a car ran through a red light almost hitting several students crossing and awkwardly they stopped on the busy road so I decided I was going to chew them out. As I approached the vehicle starring at them extremely mad I couldn’t believe what I saw in the vehicle it was a group of Latino gang members in the car that was primed and no license plate then all of the sudden they drove into the bk parking lot and stopped again so as I starred at them one of them hopped out of the car with a pistol. As I was starring at him he pointed the pistol at me for chewing them out so I stood still starring at the barrel of the gun mind you this is when lunch was getting over with and told myself there’s no way he’ll shoot we’re right near an extremely busy road and if he does pull the trigger so be it cause I already hate my life anyway cause I have no friends and a burden to those who raise me and won’t be able to be like the others I know who’ll have a future of having wife and kids so on so forth. Amazingly he got back in his friend’s car and drove off so for the whole class I reported to the school authority and went on the north parking lot and amazingly found just one and only one car that looked exactly like there’s. As I returned to class I had an excuse card for my teacher who later talked to staff of what happened to me during lunch hour. On the third day of school during my last class period the principal called me down to his office in which the whole class laughed at me thinking I got in trouble but my teacher knew why I was needed so he let me go as I approached mr.ray and ms.Briggs they congratulated me on finding the car they came in cause they found there vehicle with the exact group of them coming to school in that car to which the local authorities and swat team were there to arrest them and send them to juvenile detention. So with a pat on the back I was sent back to class with no city or state award for my heroic action of stopping a school shooting instead now diagnosed with PTSD. As I graduated from high school I got my diploma from a different school and got a job at the Utah valley hospital and have been working there for seven years almost eight since still working there but use to work at fat cat’s and was treated the same by BYU students lost fifteen percent of my left middle finger tip from being crushed by a machine and made minimum wage for six in a half years and made $60.00 to $120.00 per month being a assistant head mechanic cause how they lied to my parents saying I just sit in the back all day which isn’t true ugh life was awful from 2003 to 2016 anyway now you know what happened to me growing up and hiding in the shadows with no friends or girlfriend for that matter and sadly enough I’m still single and will be till the end of my days since I’ve tried so many times of trying to get one but was turned away every time so now you know my whole life story but will never forget the good ole days cause MMPR has stuck with me ever since I was three years old. Matter of fact the show has taught me so much of how to treat everyone not by color of skin but the country there from, not by telling them there in the wrong religion rather be friends with them even if they believe in yours or differently even if they don’t believe, cause what evil hates is that everyone comes together in harmony with no more wars and chaos in our world. Why the book I created is of what would life be like if Zordon came back would we be United in which hasn’t been seen in a extremely long time I’ll never know cause my book doesn’t make sense to anyone but me so I use my imagination to see it in real life and I cry with joy seeing everyone back together again. Lastly the gifts I get from Austin and Walter I get them alright and I hold them dear to me cause all of my happiness is and will forever be in the past and there worth more to me than money and any other stuff out there now I wish I could have all of the original MMPR toys to collect and hold on too but if I were to pass away there be no one to keep them for future generations to see my Morphintastic childhood cause I don’t have a wife and children but nieces and nephews. I could talk forever but I won’t waste any more time its just I’ve been alone with no friends for so long I talk forever even to myself that’s how depressing it is when you’re alone for such a really long time anywho have a Morphintastic day and may you see your favorite hero peace.


What I love about power rangers is that when almost every race came together and worked with each other to tackle obstacles that are in the way like evil corrupt people we would’ve had for the first time world peace. That right there is what I truly miss in this day and age and now were at each others throats which is completely sad that evil has evolved more that is why I created my own book that heartbreakingly and sadly will never come to fruition cause I have intellectual disability. The good thing though is I got the book done but editing it is extremely hard if only I had a brain instead its just a air duct but if everyone could have my imagination there would be tears coming out of everyone’s eyes of what I have written down from my own intelligence. All I know is Zordon isn’t dead he’s out there waiting to come back and save our planet again if only my book could make sense to the world of men.


May 16 at 08:18 PM

If your happy and you know it say its Morphin time! 😂



May 12 at 02:24 PM

Two days ago admin took down one of my posts on Facebook and kindly told me what they don’t allow to be posted on the group page. So than I posted an apology to the group page and this is what I get two bullies and I felt extremely sad and was depressed all day yesterday cause I’ve dealt with them my whole school life being made fun of or be their punching bag. Now I’m deciding wether I should leave so that I won’t get bullied again cause I’ve got anxiety from wether I would get beat up in class or have a normal day plus depression do to all of my childhood friends moved away or never saw them again and had no one to hang out with. Now that you know I have anxiety and depression I also got ptsd from having a gun pulled on me for yelling at a group of high schoolers for running through a red traffic light while going to lunch. Luckily I talked to school security and school staff and caught them before they would do a school shooting now that I suffer three mental health problems I have to spar two of them from getting the best of me so I that I won’t be behind bars or underground.


Apr 27 at 09:53 AM

I’m surely glad that I met all the original rangers except Thuy rip but got Karan’s autograph.

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Hey Austin and Walter I’ve got my stickers on March 13th and was totally stoked to have gotten them in the mail that I’m probably never going to part with them since they mean so much to me just like my action figures I still have from back in the good ol days. Now if there is one thing I wished for is to give you Austin and Walter and the others that didn’t get a quality gift like JDF did a Morphintastic gift from me for giving me a couple of seconds of your time at the Salt Lake Comic-con. Now the sad part is I’ve been diagnosed with tremors during my high school years and aren’t gifted of using my hands to make a gift for you guys which makes me extremely sad that I’m not able to make a Morphintastic gift for you guys now if I only knew what you were interested in I’d would love to with the best I can do with my hands is to create a memorable gift for our couple of seconds together if you’d like one. Anyway hope you guys make all of your fans have a Morphintastic time meeting you guys and have a great day your biggest fan always peace