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September 21

New Megazord combination I came up with

September 07
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So...I do admit that I was a little late in posting about my experience at Japan World Heroes but...I got a chance to interview prop master Mark Richardson and I bought a few things from his section.  While it's not an original of the script, there was something that I did consider authentic and something certain fans might recognize.  If you've heard about those DARE challenges back in the 90s especially with the Power Rangers, you might have come across one of these flyers.  The fact I found one that was signed back then, this is definitely a geek artifact that I'll cherish for sure. As for the coins, Mr. Richardson did explain to me how he did them back then and...I learned a little something regarding the Turbo film. I did ask a certain "space witch" recently about it and she was surprised and knew a bit about it as well.

September 18

Getting ready for Cincinnati comic expo this weekend!!! JYB and karen Ashley will be their can't wait black and yellow rangers!!! 

September 10

apologize for the late post. Since it's the 30th of Power Rangers, I made a quick collage of almost all of the OG Power Rangers I've met over the years at San Diego Comic Con 😁 ITS MORPHIN TIME!!! 🩷❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍

September 14

Ordered this comic book online and it finally arrived in the mail 😁

August 11
August 12
• Edited (Aug 12, 2023)
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My Cosmic Fury Megazord arrived today, wasn't expecting it either since the listing originally had an October release date.

I was kind of meh on it once I opened it but the more I fiddle with it, the more I really like it.

I do plan on getting the DX KyurenOh and though.

August 13
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Carla and Walter were excellent with my kids

August 14
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Wonder what the next giveaway will be. Keep on standing everyone.