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I just got my pictures yesterday, yaayyy😊, I will treasure this picture, and I will give the 2 morphicon posters to a friend, he's a huge Power ranger fan too.  I was surprised it arrived soon enough, usually for mail that comes from overseas it takes at least 4 months.

And I received it in a perfect condition, they didn't bend the envelope😅.

Thank you😊

The Cosmic Fury poster has been reveaked, as well as the release date of September 29th and the show will feature some familiar faces.

Me and my son with my red ranger action figure    Thanks fanward for a great  community  and great giveaways 

September 10

Forgot to post about my white ranger helmet pre order 😁 I was able to pre order it through entertainment earth. Always wanted to have one but never wanted to pay $300-$700 for one off ebay lol it should ship in January

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Added another Zenkaiger Zord to my collection yesterday.

September 04

Happy 50th Birthday to the late Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver) may the power protect you always, once a ranger always a ranger

Apparently Roku live tv has a Power Rangers channel. It plays episodes from all the different Power Rangers shows and I'm honestly disappointed that I only just now found it. Ended up watching it while babysitting my 7 year old cousin.

August 19
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Been spoiled today on my birthday even if the cake company did only send half the squad!! 🤦‍♀️

August 21

Finally added this bad boy to my collection!

August 27
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On this day last year. I got to meet David and Olivia owners of Fanward who helped capture Austin St John check out my Red Ranger Truck. This moment was special as this was also my 33rd birthday and drove from Texas to California for this opportunity