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October 24
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Met the wonderful Amy Jo Johnson at Liverpool Comic Con. She signed my fan art and posed for a photograph as well as giving me a big hug to say thanks for the handmade bag charm I made for her birthday. Made my day. 😁

October 26
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Producing some custom Power Ranger items. If interested send me a comment. May the Power protect us all.

November 04

Can’t wait for it to heal :)

November 06

Setting up current collection of Power Ranger goodness. Hope you all are having a morphinominal day ❤️🏋️‍♀️

October 20

I was surprised when these showed up in the mail I had completely forgotten about them

October 14

Got this game today at Game stop. I do have it already on my ps4 but I've been wanting to get the disc version just to have it and for fun.

Congratulations to everyone who won! Another awfully big adventure! :) Maddie Smith, Maura Chong, Olivia Bittner, Justin McDonald, Sophia Toledo, Sónia Andreia Godinho Caiado. 

We can't wait for these to arrive and see the smiles on your faces.

October 04

Its morphin time

November 02

I was wondering if you and Austin St. John got my letter. Just making sure it got sended to you. Thank you for everything Blair, Austin St. John, Walter Jones are having a great week at Fanward. May the power protect you.

With 2 more expansions revealed today for the Heroes of the Grid game, I really need to play it more often.

I still haven't learned how to play the Deck Building Game yet either.