May 12, 2023

Two days ago admin took down one of my posts on Facebook and kindly told me what they don’t allow to be posted on the group page. So than I posted an apology to the group page and this is what I get two bullies and I felt extremely sad and was depressed all day yesterday cause I’ve dealt with them my whole school life being made fun of or be their punching bag. Now I’m deciding wether I should leave so that I won’t get bullied again cause I’ve got anxiety from wether I would get beat up in class or have a normal day plus depression do to all of my childhood friends moved away or never saw them again and had no one to hang out with. Now that you know I have anxiety and depression I also got ptsd from having a gun pulled on me for yelling at a group of high schoolers for running through a red traffic light while going to lunch. Luckily I talked to school security and school staff and caught them before they would do a school shooting now that I suffer three mental health problems I have to spar two of them from getting the best of me so I that I won’t be behind bars or underground.